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AirKing is commemorating the product of the British air warfare, 34mm table by Rolex Oyster Men's Table is the smallest of a series, it seems too small to wear, feel better after wearing, 34mm is the most standard dress table size Keywords: Collection Rolex classic style Rolex collection Rolex Quotes

Entry-level replica watches uk Collection Rolex entry section - AK, full line with Rolex Cal 3130 movement

AirKing is to commemorate the product of the British air warfare, 34mm table by Rolex Oyster Men's Table is the smallest size of a series, it seems too small to wear, feel better after wearing, 34mm is the most standard dress table size, But in today's big table is the trend, at the time it is weird.

What is the concept of Cal 3130? In fact, now the collection of Rolex to remove all the other models outside the Dyna core movement of the basic core three needles, no calendar. This is the Rolex product line 31XX movement of the most basic products, on top of its single calendar component to become Cal 3135, double calendar to become Cal 3155, add a single calendar and add GMT components become Cal 3185

Rolex AK 14000M is not a COSC to do the table, for today's rolex replica, this table is really not much number, Rolex COSC market each year accounted for 70% -75%, almost every piece of Rolex is the Observatory Cal 3130 Calibrator Cal 3130 Cal 3130 Cal 3130 Cal 3130 Cal 3130 Cal 3130 Cal 3130 Cal 3130 Cal 3130 Cal 3130 Cal 3130 Cal 3130 The Cal 3130 is the Cal 3130, AirKing in the Rolex family number is Ref 14000M, before the number is Ref 14000, with or without M in fact there is a big difference: the world '

Ref 14000M, used in the collection of Rolex after thousands of years of Cal 3130 movement, using Rolex's latest bridge-type pendulum Ref 14000, using the Ro 3000 before the Cal 3000 movement, and did not use the bridge-shaped pendulum plywood , And Cal 3000 in the Rolex line on the use of a very short time, is the transition Cal Cal 3070 to Cal 3130 between the products

Just set foot in the table when the altar is always tell Rolex Date and Rolex Date Just the difference, in fact, today and then look back and still feel that two surprisingly similar Rolex Date 15200, a single three calendar single calendar, using Rolex Cal 3135 machine Core, COSC standard. In fact, and Rolex Date Just contrast, Date difference is that the table, which is in addition to AirKing other than the use of 34mm table by the Oyster Perpetual Rolex watches.

Careful people may note that the Rolex on the dial Rolex certification and other forms of labeling is not the same as the other, the common logo: Chronometer, and Rolex's mark is: Super Chronometer Officialy Certified, this is not Rolex trick, COSC certification Method is to send the movement of the factory assembly of COSC unified production of the hands, and the form of bare core 5-way 3 temperature tuning test, by -4 / +6 seconds standard movement COSC standards and certificates and then return to the standard Original.

Basically remove the collection of Rolex, all the manufacturers only COSC returned to the movement of the shell directly installed and factory sale. The Rolex is the movement of all the COSC to re-assemble the case and then re-testing from the factory, do not meet the -4 / +6 standard movement will not be allowed to leave the factory. So replica watches's COSC quality than other tables higher and more stable.

Some people have done such an experiment: the two collections of Rolex adjusted to the same position when the second chain, after the chain full of flat all day, and then found that two Rolex seconds still go the same time, this accuracy is not the other COSC Can be easily achieved if you think Date Just 36mm of the table are too large, or need to feel the taste of traditional 34mm dress table, Rolex Date Ref 15200 is a good choice

Rolex Date Just

In the collection of Rolex production Day-Date, Date Just has been Rolex's main product, even today, Rolex Date Just is still the most pure Rolex. Ref 16200 is the basic model, of course, is now derived from the Date Just model is too much, Ref 16200 is the most basic - big three-pin single calendar, aperture, Oyster strap (also with five beads). World Watch Network

The same is the Cal 3135 movement, the Observatory certification, blister magnification calendar, Rolex changes really too little collection, but less brought two advantages: 1) Rolex technology is relatively stable, conservative is more accurate and more durable Of the movement and case waterproof design 2) Rolex in the two-hand market price is relatively stable, due to the style of stability, 80's Rolex still look cute, so not as other brands will be due to the aging style of 2 hands The old watch on the market price is low, it was asked Rolex difference in the end where? In fact, the case, just take Ref 16200 and Ref 16234 compared to 234 more than 200 a 18k gold ring, the price On your out of 4000RMB, whether such a small ring of this value of 4000RMB 18k white gold it? The issue of the eyes of the beholder

Last year, the new Rolex Date Just series in the Ref 116203, Rolex in the new Date Just changed the needle, scale, lugs of the design, although these changes are very subtle, but the price is brought about a comprehensive substantial rise , It seems that Rolex also feel themselves in the movement of the family they sell the cheapest

Rolex Day Date

This is the Rolex today's flagship product, the table fans in his simple call DD, using the Rolex Cal 3155 movement, as in the Rolex AK said, Cal 3155 Cal 3130 is only added a double calendar After-hours products, still inherited the Rolex Cal 3130 stability and precision

As the most high-end product line today, consumption of Rolex, DD shell all use precious metals, in fact, from Rolex's history, the earliest DD should be the President series, that is, because the US president once loved wearing Rolex gold DD , So later this table fame

In fact, DD is the most nobody cares about the Rolex, because such a price can choose a top brand of the table. Continental counters Rolex DD Ref 118238 the public price of more than 17 million

Rolex Sub & SD Rolex Submariner 14060M Rolex Submariner 16610 Rolex Sea-Dewller 16600 The reason why these three tables together, said, because they are too like each other, many people just set foot in the altar altar is always clear the difference between the three Ref. 14060M Ref 16610 Ref 166004 Movement Cal 3130 Cal 3135 Cal 3135 Calibrated Calibrated Calibrated Calibrated Calibrated Calibrated Calibrated Calibrated Caliber Calibrated Waterproof 300 meters Waterproof 300 meters Waterproof 1220 Meters + automatic helium discharge valve